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Monday, October 24, 2011


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Lisa at Greenbow

Can't wait to see the finished tea house. I am familiar with working with wire mesh. It can be very difficult and one's hands get all scratched.

Barbara H.

All this figuring out as you go along is probably keeping you young, Mark - or at least slowing down the brain's aging process. I'm anxious to find out how the stuccoing process worked out.

Lancashire rose

Such an exacting project but one you have met so well. Having experience ourselves with stucco,have fun! What a sense of accomplishment you will have when all is finished.


Wow, can't wait to see the finished product! I also wish I was that talented. And/or brave. :-)


Jenny — I love all your stucco. You live in such a beautiful environment.

Jean — I have to say that I think it is definitely a combination of talent/bravery. Mark is talented as an artist but he also leaned some carpentry skills from his father. And once you have some successes learning by doing, you are willing to tackle unusual projects. The big thing is that they are always bigger and more difficult that one realizes at the start — or you'd never take a chance!

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