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Thursday, October 27, 2011


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You are my hero!

Lisa at Greenbow

You have the patience of a saint to be able to work in those close conditions. Your work looks incredible. Great job. Can't wait ot see the grand opening.


This small building looks so perfect in its surroundings; each choice you've made has been just right. It is a beautiful achievement.


Absolutely stunning. I know you are justly proud.

Julie Siegel

Divine & soulful. Takes my breath away with its beauty and craft. The "mistake" is very much a part of that culture and aesthetic. I appreciate how you included clean-up details, especially about your re-use of gray water.

Barbara H.

Hurrah for Mark! What a great job. I, too, appreciated the clean-up details. This is a marvelous addition to a marvelous garden.

Janice Munizza

The beauty takes my breath away! Absolutely lovely!

Casa Mariposa

What an incredible project!!! WOW!!! I love how it's not psuedo authentic on the outside and pre-fab on the inside. Very cool!!! :o)

S. Adler Sobol

"Divine and soulful." What a perfect description! It's hard to follow up with another comment after that one! Of course, I've been privileged to see this wonderful space in process, but I've been following these posts as if watching a favorite series on Masterpiece Theatre -- eagerly anticipating the next one. Can't wait to see how this beautiful space continues to evolve. Susan


this looks AWESOME!!!


It's really lovely, Mark. Congrats on getting through the hardest part so successfully.


This is breathtaking and so much in harmony with the garden. I particularly like the soft interior with rounded timbers.

Irwin Floto

Hmm, yeah, copper would be good for the roof ridge. It's long lasting, and it looks very good, even as time passes. Anyway, that little house is spectacular! You did some fine craftsmanship on the place and the surroundings.

Jeleryl Comisky

I admire you for doing every detail in this project alone. The fact that you had to do all that “gymnastics” just to place the sheeting, reach the tools and all, that amazes me… I would like to see how all the effort you gave became worth it. Where’s the photo of your finished teahouse? :D

Santo Caridine

Good job in building that tea house, Mark. It does looks like a Japanese tea house, but with a more personalized exterior design. And the ambiance of the area makes the place soulful and relaxing. It is the perfect place to drink a hot soothing tea to relieve your stress.

Molly Stevens

Wow, really unbelievable work! That really came out so beautifully. I love working with stucco, as you found out with your project- it can yield amazing results! The only problem I have ever had with it is that I once had water pool next to a primarily stucco wall and we had some mold form. Luckily I found a great stucco repair in NJ service that was able to salvage the wall.

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