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Friday, October 21, 2011


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Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

You and Mark obviously have far more patience and endurance than I do! I love following the progress of all your garden features and the tea house is going to be phenomenal. I love that everything in the garden is named. So charming.


Even as a little pink house the tea house is beautiful. I admire both of your ambition, aesthetic sense, and attention to detail. So what if it takes years!

Barbara H.

I look forward to more of Mark's tea house saga! I love your garden so much. So much thought and appreciation of beauty has gone into your design and plant selections, along with a lot of just plain hard work!

Lisa at Greenbow

It is fun watching how things evolve in your garden. Now that you both are not working full time I have no doubt the tea house and many more things will come to fruition. It is fun to see your stack of garden books. I see that I have some of the same books.


And I thought my husband's garden projects (that I rope him into) took a while! But Mark brings a level of artistry to his work that no doubt requires all the time that it requires. Forge on, Mark! I eagerly away the "after" pics.

Lino Kosters

So is this the actual place where you have tea? It's so cute! I saw the under-construction pics on your previous blogs. Good work on using shingles on the roof. Tiles look nice, but they are heavy and the structure might not be able to support it.

Jamie Keifer

That's the wonderful thing about planning a garden. You can do so many things, and come up with so many new ideas. It's an effort well-spent, as the hard work done perks up the satisfaction of seeing things fall into place.

Santo Caridine

I saw the undergoing project on your blog, and I was charmed by the simplicity and calm aura of your tea house. The roof may look a bit Western in design, but the inside is just like a typical Japanese tea house. When will it be finished? We'd like to see your work as a whole.

Kerita Kantz

Oh my! Now that's almost a lifetime project! It's wonderful, though, how every piece of addition to this particular project represented a milestone in your family too. Now that it's finally done, you can boast of a tranquil area in your garden, and finally park that car in your garage!

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