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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


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Same thing at our place. We have about 30 bags left to shred. With no lawn mower, we use the "immersion blender" method: a large trashcan and a weed whacker. Then back in the sacks until Spring.

Barbara H.

Hmmm, I like the weed whacker in the trashcan shredding idea. My leaves are still covering their favorite gathering spots in the driveway and the yard. Once the rain lets up I need to start gathering them up.

Lisa at Greenbow

I can hear your garden smacking its lips just thinking about those tasty leaves. It seems we all have an area of necessary mayhem in our garden.


you mentioned that pine needles will be used "to refresh the pine needle paths in the Sacred Grove." Is it in your garden or other garden? Do you have pictures to look how you arrange those needles. I have a lot of them and do not know what to use them for. Usually discard them at spring from beds and lawn. Thanks in advance for your advice.


Bags of brown gold. I love the smell of white pine, unfortunately it is too hot here for them to thrive, so it is a nasal treat when I head to the mountains.

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