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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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Lisa at Greenbow

I've been lovin' this winter that isn't too. We are to get an inch or so of snow by 9:30 today. Good luck on the recall.


With a lot of new plants, I've been a bit worried about this mild winter. The ground is indeed frozen, however, and my plants were well-watered through the fall. No sprouting bulbs in the yard but I noticed a couple peeking up in containers in the unheated garage. Fortunately, I inherited a basement fridge last week, so in they went. Think I'll keep them there even though the garage will soon be a fridge again too. And good for your neighbor!


I read on a blog yesterday that the signatures, boxes and boxes of them, will be turned in next week. They weren't saying how many they had, but the implication was way over the number needed. Hurrah!

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