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Monday, January 30, 2012


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mmmm....those buns look fabulous. I have to stay away from overindulging in sweets (my favored time is an afternoon treat) because I'll quickly turn into tubby the tuba.


I always enjoy that annual issue. I probably can't get it around here but someone usually gives me theirs when they're finished! Other than #s 66 and 67, I can't say as I've tried any of the others! Would love those buns though...


Those buns look fantastic - they'd make a great special breakfast dish for Imbloc. I'm definitely going to look the recipe up.

Where did you get your Aquavit? An aquavit toast is traditional for New Years and this year's toast exhausted was the last of the bottle. It's been so long since we bought it, we can't get it where we did all those years ago.


Thanks for a great idea for an evening's entertainment. Btw, I discovered Linie over the holidays while making my first Grogg (welcome to WI!). I hoard my old Gourmets too-- and sigh whenever I consult them.
I was a subscriber to Saveur from the first issue and let it go last year in my general disenchantment w/what's happened in food writing (or rather, publishing). But this is a reminder that it's worth supporting.

Julie Siegel

Buns look fabulous for all those that eat wheat. Since I can't, I also have to weight in on the Aquavit. Being married to a Swede, we have special dispensation for the Norwegian brand Linie. Not only do we prefer the taste, but I believe it's made from potato instead of grain like most of the others. Of course, when visiting Sweden, we usually do bring home one of the flavors that are almost impossible to get in the U.S. Elderberry Aquavit is currently in our freezer if you want to visit and sample. Here in Evanston, our local store couldn't get Linie until about a month or two ago, after a year and a half!!! The buyer said there were complicated distribution issues, so that may be why Mamaraby was having trouble finding it.

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