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Friday, April 13, 2012


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Barbara H.

Beautiful plant, Linda. I'm so glad the weather did not harm it. I just planted my first peony since moving to Alabama. It's up and out of the ground. Peony shoots are always so exciting to find in the spring.


Oh, how beautiful. Aren't you lucky to have gotten an inch of rain at the end of March; in Vermont we've had nothing but tiny drizzles. But spring is marching on regardless: the February Gold daffs are blooming and the forsythia is ready for its grand show.


What woodland beauties.

Lisa at Greenbow

This is a beauty. ONe that you would want around for several days. My peony tree is over done gone.


Even though I am no fan of winter or cold weather, I do hope your peony's record bloom date stands unchallenged for many years to come. At the rate we are going, there will be nothing left to bloom by May.

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