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Friday, May 25, 2012


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Barbara H.

I read it and wept - for joy, pride, fear, frustration, anger, disgust - a multitude of reasons. And I fear that many of the rest of us in other states are alreadly well along the road to doom.

Linda Brazill

Your job is to make sure your friends and family are educated about the issues facing your community and they know how to figure out where info is coming from and who is behind legislation. We've learned that the source will tell us a lot, including whether we can trust the info.

Julie Siegel

Thank you for this Linda. It's it amazing how people rarely think civil right issues of others apply to us? Same old thing about not knowing History and being condemned to repeat. But very heartening to hear of this mining victory. Different than the Canadian Marlin mine near the project that I help support in Guatemala.

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