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Saturday, June 16, 2012


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This looks lovely, as does your bloom day image. It's been a very strange year, with everything a week or two ahead of normal. We've had lots of rain in May and early June here in Vermont, with some cold and some heat. It's very warm now and the peonies are going by in a flash.


Beatlemania sedge! I love the name. In fact, I've described sedge as being like a floppy 60s hairdo. Sorry to hear it's been so hot and dry. Here too, but that's to be expected in Austin.

Linda Brazill

Altoon: Ah, peonies! Theyre only a memory here as is rain. My wonderful new peony seems to be browning and curling up from a fungus rather than lack of rain. Very disconcerting.

Linda Brazill

Pam: I think Beatlemania is the perfect sedge since it never seems to grow too long to really flop over. And it never tries to take over an area.  

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