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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


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How horribly sad and distressing. I ask myself the same question and hope the answer is not that we should get used to this.

Lisa at Greenbow

This year's weather has been horrible. My poor garden is a dried up mess. I am keeping some things alive but just so. I am wondering when this drought will end. The farmers might not have crops this year. It will be devastating for them. I hope this is an aberration. There are pictures in the paper of the rivers that are adjacent to our county. Both are down to 3 feet in some areas. Not a good thing. Enjoy what cherries you can get.

Carol Ann Riordan

We've been hearing about this. As a native Michigander who adopted Wisconsin as home, I can't imagine a summer without those gorgeous tart cherries.

Linda Brazill

Altoon: I am with you; definitely hope this is an aberration.

Carol Ann: Given where youve been living all these years, this hot humid weather with no rain might seem familiar at this point! 

Lisa: Wow, that sounds pretty bad. You and I arent making a living with our gardens so I feel for all the farmers. I think it is going to be a bad year in many places.

We are having a tour of our garden at the end of August with some gardeners from Seattle. I hesitate to think about what it may look like in a couple of months!

Curt Heuer

I heard about the cherries too (sigh). Last two days we had about 1.5 inches of rain but Curt had been watering everyday. On a positive note, strawberries are great. Farmers say they are coming in two weeks early.

Julie Siegel

Same story down here in Chicago. Serviceberries so wizened, even birds didn't want the fruit.

Casa Mariposa

It seems like drought hops about the country tormenting one region or another. I was able to pick 11 lbs of pie cherries on Sunday from Virginia trees covered with them. But the orchard I was at lost their entire sweet cherry crop from too much rain. I'm tired of all these weather extremes but I think they're here to stay.

Barbara H.

Oh no, this is really bad news. I love cherries. I did notice a couple of weeks ago that I have chrysanthemums blooming! Unfortunately, our temperatures are not going to be fall-like to go along with the chrysanthemums. We're about 10" behind in our rainfall.

Linda Brazill

Were only 3-4 inches behind in rainfall here so I guess I better quit complaining!

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