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Monday, May 27, 2013


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Oh, what wonderful plants! I have three heucheras planted up front underneath the big silver maple. I inherited them from my mom who bought them as decorations for my sister's wedding. Unfortunately for my mom, they would not appreciate her very sunny location so they made their way here. I don't know for sure which variety mine are, but their lemon-limey green leaves really are a nice accent. I just lve the way they stand out with their ruffle-y leaves. I saw another variety this past weekend and now two more on your blog. I think I could plant several more.

Love the peonies, too. I have two pink ones planted, one for each of my older two children and a third one (white w/pink streaks) waiting to be plantedfor my youngest.

It looks like you and Mark had a wonderful trip! :0)

Julie Siegel

Thanks for this report and the photos of Ed H. whom I recall from a memorable class my first year in the biz, almost 15 years ago!
Really like Mark's Hoop House photos.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

It's such a treat to visit Song Sparrow. I'm debating going this weekend when they have their open day. Part of me is hesitant to go as I know it will be a shock to the credit card! It is still the best mail order nursery on the planet in my book and their plants are worth every penny.

Looks like a chilly day there though. I'd love to hear more about what you brought home. Also, I don't agree with Mark ... I think that evergreen would be stunning in your garden!


That conifer is Abies nordmanniana 'Golden Spreader', Linda. It's a zone 5 and the bright color is due to the new growth. It"dulls down" once the new growth hardens. It is a lovely conifer, low growing with no leader, grows much wider than tall. Looks great over a rock.


Thanks for a great summary of a great plant filled trip. I don't know how you were able to narrow down your choices as well as you did! So what exactly did you bring home with you? I'm curious since I'm not sure if I could have left all the peonies behind.


I hope their plants were as lovely in person as they are in their catalogs. I am glad you were able to see the peonyies, I have drooled over their images repeatedly.

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