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Saturday, August 24, 2013


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How nice about the reappearance, but these days anything that looks a little like ragweed, however faint the resemblance, does not please me. I've had sudden deaths with roses: a big beautiful shrub will suddenly up and die back completely. It happened last year with an old double red rugosa I'd dug up from the field and this year with a pretty white one with a pink blush I got from a nursery, both with delicious fragrance. Luckily they do come back.


It is always a bonus when a plant you thought you had lost reappears. My native clematis suddenly died. It has a very spindly stem and I was sure it must have been damaged underground. Eventually I cut it off. I though all was lost and then I saw a new shoot emerging from the ground. So glad I planted it deeply as was suggested.

Martine Dakar-Raoult

I do love your blog, which I have just found, quite at random. I'm located in the north of France, i.e. we don't have the same climate. Yet your approach to gardening is inspiring. I'll come back to your posts as regularly as possible and start reading the previous ones with great interest.

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