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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


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Lisa at Greenbow

Yes, these pole barns remind me of the cookie cutter world we seem to live in. Another reason why I love gardens and gardeners. No two are alike.


It is a shame that the beautiful old barns are disappearing. But it's not only cost that pushes farmers to these new structures; it's also efficiency. And since they no longer need haylofts––they usually chop or bag hay now, or store it in bunkers––the lower buildings work better for them.

Linda Brazill

Altoon — You are right, of course. Even the hay bales have changed and are now those white plastic "snakes" out in the field. Progress and efficiency but less visual beauty in the landscape. Door County is up in Wisconsin's "thumb" and has a tremendous number of log buildings still in good condition, including some barns.

Linda Brazill

Lisa — I had not thought of it that way but that is true from everything I've seen on garden tours! Thanks for that insight.

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