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Sunday, October 06, 2013


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Lisa at Greenbow

Isn't it nice having such a handy man. The tea house is becoming quite the show spot in the garden. I bet you can't hardly stay out of it when the weathers are just right. Marvelous views into and out of.


It's looking very beautiful, and each detail is treated with such attention and care. I love the final photo; the setting is perfect and just might be in Japan.

Linda Brazill

Lisa — Normally a tea house would have translucent windows but we wanted to be able to enjoy those views.

Altoon — Definite attention to detail — which is why he's been working on it for so long. Exterior just about done now.


This is a little work of art.... how will you use it? (I adore small spaces.)


So different and so wonderful from when we were there. Mark is making great use of his retirement.

Linda Brazill

Rae — ​We plan on using it for reading, cocktails, coffee and just a quiet place away from the house and chores! He's just finishing putting on the doors and may get some of the inside work finished before winter.

Jeanne — Mark is fully retired now. Gave up his part time job at the museum to do art etc. full time!

Julie Siegel

Interesting how the shadows from the shutters are another detail to the marvelous tea house! Being fully retired means you can visit Chicago more often!

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