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Monday, January 06, 2014


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Thanks for the beautiful look back at your gardening year. I hope this year has no terrible storms and just the right amount of sun and rain.

The very wet late spring into summer meant poor winter squash and potato crops for me, but other vegetables were mostly fine.

Lisa at Greenbow

It appears that you had a good gardening year despite the big pine coming down first thing. This year isn't starting out so great either with this record breaking cold and snow.

I don't blame you for protecting your trees and shrubs from rabbits. Those rascals don't care what they eat. Maybe the coyotes will take care of them for you.

My gardening year was so so. Can't really complain but nothing to brag about. I have new inspiration what with our new raised (small) veggie garden. Can't wait for time to plant something. Will wait though of course.


Lisa — ​I'm with you on the current weather. We don't have as deep a snow cover as I would like for such intense cold. Nice being retired so we don't have to go out any more than necessary!

Altoon — Last few years begin very wet and then the rain stops. We'll see what this year brings.

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