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Monday, June 02, 2014


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Making use of fallen pine cones is a great idea. I have heard that keeps cats out of the planters too. There are so many things one can use to mulch, some nicer looking than others. I have used river rock quite a bit as the weight of stones also holds the pot down when we have strong winds. I have seen corks used too although I don't really care for the look.


jenny — ​Corks seems too unrelated to the garden, unless it is a restaurant garden! I often use rocks in containers to keep critters out and stabilize them. I love the look of river stones, so smooth.

Nell Jean

It's a great look and works well. I have a tub of pine cones that I had not thought to use in planters.

I put pine cones around my cabbages last fall to keep the cat from digging in the cabbage patch and the dog from digging behind him.

Lisa at Greenbow

We are about to finish our mulching for the year. Your pine cones look interesting in the pots below the boxwood. Makes one stop and think.


I think that looks great -- so appropriate in your woodland garden.

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