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Sunday, June 01, 2014


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Lisa at Greenbow

Your garden looks as though it has survived the winter just fine. Love those masses of geraniums. I don't have a bit of luck with Japanese Forest Grass. I have tried several varieties in different places in the garden. None have done well. Sigh~

rusty duck

You are too kind Linda, thank you for the link!
I am so envious of your beautiful lush hostas. They have to be my favourite plants for foliage and yet the slugs get them every time.


Jessica — ​My Hostas have mostly just come up and the slugs have not found them yet. But they will. This spring many of the Hostas got munched by rabbits as they were emerging, so many clumps have leaves with big bites out of them. I can't decide if I want to decrease the size of the clump by trimming them.

Lisa — I just lost my second clump of the green and white Forest Grass. Two tiny leaves were still growing so I moved them to a different spot. My golden ones are all in dry sunny spots. Go figure.


Thanks for joining in, I hope you find it helpful with your designing and planning

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