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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


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Lisa at Greenbow

I will have to look up a couple of these books that sound like good reads to me. I am now reading the third in a series by Ariana Franklin. The first, Mistress of the Art of Death, was very entertaining. Number two, The Serpent's Tale, was good after you slog through what they tell you to bring you up to date on the story. Looking forward to the third. I must read at night now. Too much garden to take care of. Still praying for rain.


Lisa — I ​did not realize you were lacking rainfall. We are in an endless cycle of rain, some barely a shower and others very heavy. I think we had 4 inches last week. And most days through next Tuesday call for some degree of rain. At this point I pretty much feel like it is impossible to know what to expect anymore.

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