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Sunday, August 24, 2014


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Lisa at Greenbow

I love these collisions we have. Keep on pedaling! Beautiful words and those pots! Wow! can't get enough.

S. Adler Sobol

Infrequent commenter but a steadfast fan, I always look forward to "Each Little World". Thank you, Linda! Fondly, Susan Sobol

Beth @ PlantPostings

Happy blogoversary! Beautiful words, and you're so right about the "keep on pedaling" advice.


(Here as always, enjoying it all.)


Lisa — You deserve a special shout-out as you are my most prolific and frequent commenter. As you know, when I didn't hear from you recently I got worried!

Susan — Glad to know you are still here. I think of you and how your comments early on really inspired me. And how much fun it was to meet you and your friends in person.

Beth and Joanna — I especially like knowing I have local readers as it helps me to be sure to keep enough focus on the home front.

rusty duck

Happy anniversary. Six years is a long time to keep pedalling but I'm glad that you have. You've given me great inspiration and good advice too. Thank you!


Happy blogiversary! Six years is a good long stretch. Here's to many more.

BTW, Lisa at Greenbow is my most frequent commenter too. She deserves an award from we lucky visitees!

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