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Monday, October 13, 2014


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Donna@Gardens Eye View

I am loving these 2 vases. I have not seen my Toad Lilies yet this year. Many have been swallowed by more aggressive plants. They make a great vase. And the dried arrangement is stunning giving me hope as the flowers fade here I still have vases to make.


When would your toad lilies normally flower? I like the way they lower down the stem like that, although as you say their horizontal nature may mean thinking out of the box for vases and locations. You are the second person to use bergenia leaves in their vase today and now that my tithonia vase is out of the way I shall go on a scavenger hunt for pretty leaves for next week! You have some nice pots too, by the way!

Lisa at Greenbow

I just love this meme. I will have to go out between showers to see what I can dream up from a pretty sad looking garden. ha... Love your light and airy arrangements.

Kris P

I love the toad lilies, Linda - sadly, they won't grow here. The second arrangement is very dramatic and the placement is perfect.


I love both of your arrangements but the second is my favourite, it looks perfect for where you have placed it, lovely. Christina

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

I planted a toad lily a couple years ago at your suggestion, but I wish I had planted it closer to the house. I only caught it in bloom briefly. And I never even thought of bringing one inside! I'm so disappointed that I didn't think to do that because yours is so beautiful.

Julie Siegel

Exquisite arrangements! Yup, crummy year for Toad Lilies in Chicago. Too much rain? Mot enough heat?

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