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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


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rusty duck

Having even fewer named varieties, expansion of the collection will be a new year's resolution here too.

Lisa at Greenbow

EEEeeeew, I could get into these bulbs too. I only have a small clump of ? ,one variety. It is always such fun to find them when they peeking out from under a snow. We were driving along a highway once and suddenly I had to shout stop and turn around. I spotted a huge patch alongside the highway. There didn't appear to have an old house site anyplace near. The patch was at least 10'x10'. I wonder if the highway department brought fill dirt there and dumped them. They must have been there for many years to have such a clump. It was magical.

Rock Rose

I know how you will be waiting with great eagerness for them to pop through the ground in the spring. I feel the same way about all my bulbs although snowdrops are not one of them. Summer snowflakes have to take their place.

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