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Monday, May 04, 2015


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Lisa at Greenbow

Simply lovely.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

What a lovely early spring bouquet...with so many unusual spring flowers we sometimes nice to see them collected here and displayed in such a fabulous way!

Kris P

That's still my favorite color combination and it probably always will be. I love not only your flowers but also the vase you used this week - it has a personality of its own but still does the job in showing off your beautiful flowers.

Linda from Each Little World

Kris — the two sides of the vase are different and I will be posting the other view later this week.


That's an amazing statue you have there, and what a good setting it makes for you lovely vase showcasing those unusual spring blooms. I can see hwy you prefer the single stems of the hyacinths, and that soft yellow is such a pretty colour. Do you have many erythroniums? I think it will be a long time till I can spare any for a vase! Thanks for sharing today.

Linda from Each Little World

Cathy — That Erythronium is 'Pagoda' which is larger than most and seems to grow into good size clumps way ahead of any others. I only have a couple of other ones and they are both much smaller plants and small flowers as well. But I am really getting hooked on them and am splurging this year on adding a few more varieties.

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