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Friday, July 31, 2015


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I really love the theatricality of your garden Linda and the way it changes by moving a pot here, joining a river of planting there. I can see that you really think about depth and perspective too to create a fully three-dimensional garden. I've learnt something new from reading your post today so thank you and tomorrow I'm going to have a play with some pots.

rusty duck

The view down the steps to the pond is beautiful.

Lisa at Greenbow

Everything is looking perky in your garden. I like the way you have rivers of iris and hostas on the slope. I can't imagine iris crisata growing that well here. it seems to just survive here. I am glad to say that it did bloom this spring what with all the rain. That told me a little of its reluctance to bloom here. Those big pots are great accents too. Fun seeing the tea house open with the flags hanging.

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