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Monday, July 20, 2015


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Lisa at Greenbow

Sweet vases. It is entirely too hot here. I can only sit in the AC and watch the weeds grow. Bah humbug...

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — We are cooling back down to the low to mid-80s. Much nicer than the weather we've been having. I really lose my energy when it's like that. Like you I stay inside in the AC.


Those are very pretty vases, what a temptation to buy large collection, I never have enough small vases. I like the idea of celebrating foliage when everyone has an abundance of flowers; beautiful.


Such lovely vases, nice to have three, and the leaves complement them so well

Kris P

Your new vases are wonderful, Linda. It's been hot and muggy here and, unbelievably, rainy too. It's too early to worry about weeds yet as the storm isn't even entirely behind us yet but I expect they'll be coming...


The little bud vases are really lovely - I especially like the matte finish - and they look wonderful with the foliage, especially the herbs in the centre vase. Lovely to see you again and thanks for sharing!

Donna@Gardens Eye View

Hot and wet with weeds everywhere here too! I love these vases and how you have used such lovely foliage in them!

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