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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


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Lisa at Greenbow

Hmmm. I have never thought of hiding the lily legs. I sort of like them. I am always amazed that those big blooms can stand on those skinny legs. I have some of that tansy. It has to reach for the sun where I have it. Maybe I will move some of it by some newly planted lilies that get more sun and see what happens. I do like the look. This garden is quite beautiful. I love those rocks stacked on that hill. Beautiful. You don't see these sculpted shrubs in many gardens. They are interesting.

Linda from Each Little World

LIsa — I had not really thought about hiding lily legs either but I loved the color and texture combo.

Jane Miller

I agree, these tours of members gardens are the best deal around. The vine covered garage was my favorite.

rusty duck

Wow, love those rock terraces!

Linda from Each Little World

jessica — I think she had more space to slope back into than you do. Thus she could put blocks in and make a wall that is not too difficult to plant and work on. Also they have a big driveway and flat grassy area where large equipment could get in to sculpt the land and set stones. I am assuming that's how it was done.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Wow, first yews I've ever really loved. That's a very skilled pruner. Beautiful gardens.

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