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Wednesday, August 05, 2015


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rusty duck

Being heavily into prairies at the moment, I love that one.
The majority of garden related disagreements here arise when Mike decides he wants to 'weed'.. He who knows nothing about plants..

Lisa at Greenbow

Prairie gardens are fascinating in that they look different in the same spot year to year. I can imagine how people tending them would make different prairies. A fun tour no doubt. I couldn't imagine a garden with all annuals. You could change it year to year. That would wear me out let alone having to start all those annuals. I like that folding bamboo screen too. Is it portable? I have often wished I had a portable one. Now my garden is so full and grown up I wouldn't need one. I love the look.

Jane Miller

Thanks for sharing. I missed this tour and enjoyed your review.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — ​That folding screen is portable and I am guessing she takes it indoors most of the time.

Linda from Each Little World

Jessica — ​We live in the part of the country that is considered the eastern most edge of the prairies and they are popular here, especially if you have the room. My husband is good about only weeding in the areas where he knows what's what.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Gosh, a garden of only annuals. Yes, that makes me tired to think about, too. :) We have many self-seeding annuals up at the cottage--but that's in the wild, with no work on my part except to pull the Garlic Mustard. That Hosta with the virus is fascinating.

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