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Monday, September 21, 2015


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Anca Tîrcă

Looks quite interesting!

Donna@Gardens Eye View

Fabulous the plant material you splendidly!

Lisa at Greenbow

A very nice arrangement. I like the lamps all go good together. Especially that big teaspoon. ;) Don't you just hate spellcheck sometimes.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — I've been trying to disable spell check because it keeps automatically changing the botanical Latin plant names. Makes me crazy when I reread and see what it says!


Definitely not depressed - and not even sombre! Rustic? Glowing? I am sure there is a suitable adjective out there :) Regardless of the adjective it is simply just as it should be...


What a lovely combination. Heucheras are such a pretty addition to vase, here being on their own, reminds us of their real beauty, both leaf form and flower.

Eliza Waters

Sweet little vase and ensemble!

Kris P

It's a perfect blending of colors, Linda. I love the lamp and the teapot.


Heaters are wonderful plants. You worked in them in perfectly.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Oh yes, the Coralbells look great in that setting. I really like the simplicity and understated colors in this vignette.

Rick Shaver

Stunning. Such an arresting still life.

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