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Monday, November 02, 2015


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Rock Rose

I am all for small tidy plants but don't have too many of them here. I have never tried box wood but I know they sell them, although probably not this one. I love the long view of the garden with the Japanese-style fence and stone sculpture( for want of a better word) looks delightful.

Linda from Each Little World

Thanks, Jenny. That's high praise coming from someone with a beautiful garden filled with attractive hardscaping and art.

Lisa at Greenbow

That photo of the pine covered walk is magnificent. The plantings are WOW. I love these little shrubs. I bought a couple but I don't think the same as yours but grow as yours will. They are tiny and in pots yet. I will put them in the ground when they are big enough that I won't step on them. Nice. All very nice. This post makes me itchy to get out and plant some more. I hadn't heard of the Ageldid problem. I will have to check to see what kind of Canadian Hemlock we planted last year.

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