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Monday, November 09, 2015


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Susan Adler Sobol

Hello Linda! Love this arrangement and its intriguing container. Can you tell us something about the vase?

Lisa at Greenbow

What a lovely rainbow of fall colors.

Loree / danger garden

I'm enjoying these glimpses inside your home, and seeing more of what you surround yourself with there. Also, I love that you wrote "I try to keep an arrangement like this going as long as possible, culling plants as they die" I do the same thing and it's amazing how long you can keep it going. Your arrangement is beautiful!

Kris P

I can learn a lot from you about using foliage, Linda. Your arrangement has all the color of a traditional floral arrangement, most of it courtesy of the foliage you selected. My own garden is seriously short on flowers right now (which isn't usually the case in my area of SoCal) and I've been thinking that any future vases may, of necessity, rely on foliage.


Linda, this is beautiful. I like the mixtures of textures and colors.


A fabulous arrangement! You have so much pretty foliage still, your garden must look lovely!

Beth @ PlantPostings

Very impressive, Linda! Wow! That vase is really interesting, too, and the small bowl of berries on the side. You have a wonderful design sense.

Eliza waters

This is a beautiful arrangement - I esp. love the yellow leaves of thalictrum - they really stand out!


It's a beautiful autumn arrangement and your props are perfect with it!


Isn't this pretty? The different shades and leaf shapes blend together beautifully - and lend themselves to a display that gradually and naturally fades. Lovely - and thanks for sharing, Linda.

Linda from Each Little World

Susan — It is an old piece made by my best friend from college. The bottom is coiled with flat pieces for the walls. The interior is unglazed and the outside is greens and blues with some pink. I own it because she never thought it was successful but I've always loved it. You can see a better picture of it in this post (last photo, bottom left):

Linda from Each Little World


My husband and I are both artists and surround ourselves with a LOT of art with more stored in the basement. We recently got a couple of new things and redid the art in almost every room in the house. You can see more house pix under red room, collecting or design and decor. I did a bunch of before and after photos a few years ago when we did a big remodel.

I also enjoy the glimpses into your house. I have been impressed with how seamlessly your design and color sense moves back and forth between your inside and out.

Linda from Each Little World

Kris — I am more of a foliage than flower person. At this season I don't really have any flowers left, so it's foliage or nothing for bouquets.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

Perfect autumn vase...and I love the idea of keeping it going. Since I have flowers, I am not picking seedheads and foliage but should very unusual fall here.

Linda from Each Little World

Donna — an unusual fall here, too!

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