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Thursday, December 17, 2015


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Susan Adler Sobol

When I saw the first photo, I thought the plaid napkins were a brilliant but subtle way of bringing in the traditional Christmas colors to your table. There is also something wonderful about the sheen of the fabric - that adds a contrasting and glamorous texture to the place mats. Love the look! But... I agree with Mark -- I prefer the feel of cotton or linen. Would it be silly to add a cotton napkin under the plaid?
On another note.... are your whimsical toys part of this years Christmas decor? Loved when you posted about them a few years back!
Wishing you and Mark a happy and healthy 2016!
All the best, Susan

Lisa at Greenbow

It sure made a beautiful table. If I had room to store more dishes I would have many more too. I don't know where I got my love of dishes. Noone in my family has that quirk. It is fun to me.

Linda from Each Little World

Hi Susan, so nice to hear from you. I really do agree with you and Mark that cotton or linen napkins feel and work much better. Had not thought about pairing those shiny ones with a second pair but that might be kind of fun. And yes, the toys are out in the red room and the teddy bears are on a chair in our bedroom. This year one of my sisters-in-law did a display of her toys which was lots of fun to see.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — you should be glad you don't have the room to store too many dishes. Storage space is a curse as much as a blessing. And yes, I am the only one of my siblings to have the dish thing as well.

Loree / danger garden

My favorite thing about this table-scape is that you've pushed the tall "centerpiece" items to the end. This way you can go crazy with the height and not impede conversation. Very smart!

Linda from Each Little World

Loree — ​Our first house was a Victorian with high ceilings and now we live in a ranch house from 1954. What this means is my favorite candlesticks are too tall to go under the dining room light safely. So I move them to the end of the table for the reasons you mentioned as well as safety.

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