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Monday, December 28, 2015


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Lisa at Greenbow

Beautiful either way you have it. Tis the season for glitter. I have found glitter in places that rarely sees the light of day.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

Oh these silvery flowers are perfect to celebrate the New Year! Lovely!


Sparkly and festive for the new year!


What a difference the glittery vase makes - I am sure clearing up stray glitter is worth it for the festive pleasure it must bring when it is cold and nasty outside.

Linda from Each Little World

Definitely nasty outside. I can hear the ice pellets hitting the window as I write this!

Eliza waters

Beautiful, glittery arrangement to celebrate the New Year. It's lovely!

Kris P

Your celebratory vase is definitely in step with the New Year's holiday, Linda! Best wishes for a glorious new year!

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