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Monday, December 14, 2015


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Lisa at Greenbow

What fun to find a windfall that works so well with your decorations. I have a feeling the weather is turning. The wind is ferocious here this morning. I just heard a watering can go skittering across the patio. Yes, I have had to water the few pots that are still December. Happy Monday.

Linda from Each Little World

​Lisa — Same here with the weather. Very windy and rainy the last couple of days but temps are about to drop. Still no snow in the near forecast. Have to say that I have been enjoying the warm weather even though I know it is a disturbing sign of climate change. So warm yesterday we slept with a window open in the bedroom — in December in Wisconsin!

Donna@Gardens Eye View

These are wonderful to pick them up like how you incorporated them into the arrangements....we are mild here too with temps reaching 65 today.


Upcycling prunnings...what a delight. A Very Festive and Happy Christmas to you.


Linda, you were very resourceful to tackle the branch and very creative in your arrangements. The wall hanging is lovely too. Susie

Loree / danger garden

Well done! I had to laugh at your description of getting the branch into your car, that could have been me!


Gorgeous - and Oh! that needlepoint quilt is fabulous!

Kris P

I admired your industry in picking up the city's tree trimmings. And I appreciated your efforts even more when I saw the thorns on those branches! It looks as bad as Bougainvillea. You've done a great job using the berries to add holiday color to your home.

Linda from Each Little World

Sandra — ​The quilt has new work added to an older base that was done by a relative of the artist, Leslee Nelson. Leslee added more fiber work as well as beads and she did the fabulous needlepoint piece as well.

Linda from Each Little World

Kris — I had just seen what they charged for ilex berries at the florist, so it seemed criminal to ignore a great find like those trimmings.


Oh well done you in thinking on your feet and making sure you picked up some of the prunings before they were removed - and what a grand selection of uses you have put them to. They all look wonderful - and what a gorgeous quilt you have shown us too. Very lovely :)

Linda from Each Little World

​Thanks Cathy. I was pretty excited to find something like that free for the taking.​

Eliza waters

What luck coming across the hawthorn. I love that you used the red Haws watering can as a vase. It really looks superb!

Cindy at enclos*ure

What a wonderful find!

Linda from Each Little World

Would you believe Mark drove by yesterday and told me they've cut the Hawthornes down. That's why there were such great amounts of prunings. Must have been stage one of demolition!


What luck to find these just as they had been cut.... a lovely arrangement with a festive watering can too!


A serendipitous find! I got a nice bunch of holly this year from a pile of a neighbor's yard waste. Even though I have holly in my own garden, it was fun to just gather already cut branches. Your porch and entryway look very festive!

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