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Thursday, December 24, 2015


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Lisa at Greenbow

What a nice photo. The better to remember him by. You resemble him.

Lisa at Greenbow

I went to look at the menu. It is a funny that my Step-dad was a cook in the army. He had owned his own restaurant before the war so they stuck him in the kitchen. He is 95 now and still will cook up a storm for us. Always way too much food, but boy oh boy it is nice to be able to take some some of that love.


Sweet tribute to your Dad. But how did they have nice printed menus? Maybe they arrived with the food? And what a nice touch. Nice menus in wartime. Amazing actually.

Linda from Each Little World

Rae — Never thought about how they got the printed menus. Good question.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — I love how that menu is so traditional, just what I think of when I remember holiday meals as a little kid.


That is a fantastic photo. What a treasure to have. Lots of birthdays around Christmas in your family!

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