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Friday, January 22, 2016


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Cindy at enclos*ure

I love that light yellow twin set with the red beads!

Lisa at Greenbow

Fun isn't it how certain photographs can stir up fond memories.

Linda from Each Little World

Cindy — ​My favorite is the first one with the lavender coat and broad navy hat — probably because I had a very similar hat though never piled it with flowers!

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — I think I remembered our veggie corsages because some of the models are wearing veggies. Somewhere I have photo of my room mate and I taken by our downstairs neighbor.

Loree / danger garden

Oh these were just wonderful, as is your story. We have a little underground plant group here in Portland and there is one particular member who is known to dress the theme quite elaborately, I think you and your friend Mary would fit in quite well.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Fun! Now I'm imagining your college garb for that special event. Must have been impressive. ;-)

Susan Adler Sobol

Love this! In those days before the internet and the explosion of social media we sometimes just reveled in the moment without thinking to record it. Do you have a photograph of your wonderful ensemble? Susan


Heh heh. My gardening attire falls far short, but a radish boutonniere wouldn't be out of the question!


Like Susan, I'd love to see a picture of you and Mary in your glorious attire! The mental picture I've created is pretty interesting. Love these photos!

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