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Thursday, January 07, 2016


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Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Oh my, you have me absolutely panic-stricken now! I haven't even thought about it yet. You've picked up some great plants that will be beautiful in your garden.

Linda from Each Little World

Erin — ​I really did not want to order so early. Wanted to think a little longer, but when I saw things were already sold out I panicked. I know there are a lot of good nurseries around here so I am really trying to only order things I haven't seen locally since the shipping is killer.

Lisa at Greenbow

Heck, I was out today cleaning out bird baths, raking leaves and picking up sticks. I haven't even thought about purchasing plants. These you have noted are tempting especially the daphene. I have wanted to try one of those for some time. hmmmmmmm

Beth @ PlantPostings

I like the Daphne. And I've been meaning to add some Corydalis plants for years. Maybe this will be the year. Congrats on your purchases!

Linda from Each Little World

Beth — ​Joe said we should all be doing Daphne's as we have the right climate. They need more heat than they typically get in England. Also said to buy them small and don't move them once planted.


I'm almost embarrassed to say I like some hosta as much for their blooms as the foliage, and this might be one more!
Good luck on the plant buying, I just worked through two seed exchange lists and it's got me worn out for a bit.

Linda from Each Little World

Frank — ​I like the Plantaginea flowers as they are fragrant and they're white. But with many of the pale Hosta flowers I am one of those people who cut them off.

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