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Monday, January 18, 2016


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Hello from a native Madisonian, who grew up just a few miles from where you live, but lives in Missouri now. I have been following you for a bit now, and I just wanted to tell you how much I love your, home decorating, art...but my daughter is concerned about that pomegranate. She is hoping that you will eat it, and not just use it for decoration! Thank you for your In a Vase Mondays. They're fun, inspirational, and a comfort when it is 4 degrees outside and I can't see much happening in the garden!

Linda from Each Little World

​Thanks for the kind words about my blog.

Tell your daughter that I did use one of my pomegranates on NY's day in a mixed fruit compote. But I always just let a couple of them sit around slowly sinking and turning deep dark burgundy.

It is -9 degrees here so not much different than where you are. You must be at least a zone warmer for gardening which must be nice.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

Love the ingenuity during winter! And love pomegranates too!


Your arrangement show ingenuity and is very striking. The red and black are powerful.


The 'vase' is beautiful and so is the pomegranate.

Loree / danger garden

-9...I can't imagine! Well I can, but I'd rather not. I'm sure the bright touch of red is a welcome sight. That incense burner is beautiful.

Linda from Each Little World

Noelle — That platter is big enough that usually we just have it hanging on the wall. But it has been fun to use it another way.

Linda from Each Little World

Loree — Best not to think about how cold that is. Mark is in front of the fire reading and I am at the colder end of the house wearing my flannel-lined Japanese garden pants!


Lovely still life!

Lisa at Greenbow

Lovely arrangement. I got ya beat today it was on the plus side this morning, barely.

Kris P

The pomegranate is very ornamental and looks entirely at home next to the wonderful incense burner.

Linda from Each Little World

​Lisa — Luckily temps look to be rising this week. I am ready to be warmer!


You have a such a good eye as the incense burner reflects the not-quite-spherical shape of the pomegranate. Thanks for sharing - and keep warm in those flannel-lined Japanese garden pants!


We are definitely better zonewise in MO, but the best part is the longer growing season. Things are in bloom so much sooner here, and we get to enjoy the garden much longer...except for the months when it gets burned out. The clay soil and hot, dry summers can be a challenge. But when is gardening NOT a challenge? My daughter was glad that you eat some of your poms!

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