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Monday, February 22, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

A nice collection of objects. The orchid looks sweet all abloom and yes it looks good with the painting. Happy Monday.

Linda from Each Little World

Happy Monday to you, too, Lisa! Just waiting for spring to make it perfect!

Donna@Gardens Eye View

What a special vase and vignette....I love it and the fact the orchid is so special from a dear friend. And that teapot is a wonderful work of art.


The whole arrangement exudes love, thoughtfulness, calmness and is beautiful on the eye.


I was drawn immediately to your miniatures, especially that gorgeous little teapot - and your friend's vase looks most intriguing. The orchid is really pretty too! I have kept one going since Mothers Day last year although it hasn't flowered again yet...

Loree / danger garden

Oh that teapot! The handle is just magnificent. The orchid is obviously happy with you.


I love that teapot! and the Orchid. I have caused the demise of every Orchid that entered my house. Now I have them in the garden and they live happily outside.

Kris P

You always have such wonderful vignettes, Linda! If I ever visited you I imagine I'd be wandering your house for hours with my mouth agape - well, except for asking questions, of course.

Linda from Each Little World

Thanks for all your comments. Let me just say that i usually don't have much luck with orchids so I assume I must be channeling the spirit of their former owner. I try to mostly ignore them. And I could not resist the delicacy of the teapot with that killer handle!

Beth @ PlantPostings

You've arranged your plants and decorations so artfully. I haven't had an orchid for a few years, and I need to get one again. They're so graceful and add character to any display.

Linda from Each Little World

Kris — You are welcome to visit and I will admit some folks are a little taken aback at all of our unusual decor.

Linda from Each Little World

Amelia — ​I usually put the orchids in the garden in the summer. I leave them out until it's fairly chilly as it is the cold temps that cause the buds to form; at least that's what I remember reading.

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