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Monday, February 08, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

Nice way to keep those roses. I have a glass jar full of dried roses that I have been given over the years. Happy Monday.


That is a lovely vase. Clearly you've had a good eye since at least grad school. Do you find that what you like in art has changed much over the years, or remained fairly constant? I do love your choices and style!

Linda from Each Little World

Kristin — That is a really probing question and one I have not thought about too much. I've always been interested in design and interiors in particular. I think I've also been an Anglophile from high school on, in love with those country houses that are packed with interesting things from around the world. That means almost anything that catches your fancy can be fit in which is how my husband and I think these days.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — Fascinating how we find ways to keep these kind of things.


A nice entry this week..I love the stories and memories.

Dee Nash

A great spin on what's in a vase. I dearly love dried rose petals. I have a rose petal rosary my confirmation sponsor gave to me when I became Catholic at 27 years old. I cherish it and my other rose petals. Your post brought back such good memories. Thank you. I look forward to your posts on making the garden easier to maintain. We could all learn more of this.~~Dee

Loree / danger garden

I winced as you told the story of the broken lid. My husband brought back a pair of rice bowls from his time in Japan (we were not married then) and I broke one a couple years ago. It was an easy shape to glue and so we still have it, but I felt horrible.

I love your collection of dried rose buds and petals, I've never understood how people can be so quick to through things like them out.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

Oh my we are both thinking dried roses....and I love your accompanying ornaments...that ink stone is fascinating as is the raku vase! All beautiful displayed in your temple.

Linda from Each Little World

Donna — ​From the comments, it sounds like we are not alone!


Thank you for sharing your rose buds and petals and all your precious possessions and the stories behind them - sometimes Mondays feel like a confessional but it is indeed a safe place for us to share some of our personal thoughts. A lovely post Linda

Linda from Each Little World

Cathy — I had not thought of it but we do tend to reveal other things while talking about our vases!


Very, very creative and lovely containers - you have a great eye.

Kris P

The Spirit House is wonderful as is the rose pomander but I love that intricate vase containing the rose petals and lavender - it even looks great displayed on its side!

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