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Sunday, February 28, 2016


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You still have quite a bit of snow, ours has entirely melted. Of course,it's not too late for a snowstorm or two.

Linda from Each Little World

Jason — We tend to get a snowstorm mid-March right around the time of the state basketball championship games in Madison!


I can't wait to see spring, the garden layout looks great.


Your garden looks like mine and you are a bit ahead...we still have cold weather this week so no spring yet.

Lisa at Greenbow

These pictures look cold. Brrrrr, such brave plants peeking out from under the snow. Isn't it exciting.??.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa and Donna — Back into the low 30s this week and up to 4 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow. The usual March madness!

Linda from Each Little World

Amelia — You can really see the layout at this season when there are ​no leaves on the trees and the pond is all white. Our garden is really composed of many little gardens in between the paths and fences and the house. That made it easy to work on one spot over the years until now we're mostly done planting the big areas. Now it's all about maintenance and dealing with dying trees.


Sorry you were not able to put a vase together today Linda - but how nice to have a walk around your garden. Lots of interesting areas although from what you say they will all be covered by snow again tomorrow!

rusty duck

Gosh, that was a quick melt! Great to see things starting to emerge though. They give us hope, especially if there is more of the white stuff to come.


Some of our worst (and wettest) snow storms have occurred in early March. Though today was lovely, high in the upper sixties, red maples blooming, and I saw my first Osprey of the season, fresh from its South American vacation.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Wasn't it fabulous to see a sign of spring this weekend? I know it's short-lived but it felt wonderful.


Sometimes, I miss living in a real winter area as snow on the ground for months is so bright and lifts the spirit but around this time of year when spring is already in full tilt here and there's still snow to come at home, I'm grateful to live here. Snowdrops are such a blessing and a reminder that spring can't be far off!

Linda from Each Little World

​Peter — When the weather is like it is this morning (March is coming in like a lion!), we all think about moving to the PNW!

Linda from Each Little World

Erin — ​The temps for next week look high again. We shall see.

Linda from Each Little World

Les — March is coming in like a lion: snow and freezing rain and dropping temps. Ugh!

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