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Tuesday, February 02, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

I didn't realize that Monty Don has written books. I love his documentaries that you can watch on Youtube. Around the world in 80 gardens... I will have to look for his books.

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — My favorite Monty Don book is "The Jewel Garden" about creating his own garden with his wife. He has serious depression issues and it was a very frank, interesting and inspiring book. Not the usual garden book! Also has a great one about growing veg that has recipes and beautiful photos.


Interesting! My husband does not yet garden with me (he is the lawn guy) and now you've made me curious to read some books by gardeners who garden in tandem.

Linda from Each Little World

Liz — It seems that most couples who garden divide up the garden various ways: his and her halves or things they each are in charge of. Vita did the flowers and Harold the layout etc. I think Monty Don and his wife were both quite involved in mutual aspects of their garden if I recall correctly. Their book, "The Jewel Garden" is well worth reading. My husband and I worked on the design together but he did the drawings that put it all together. We each suggested different concepts. At this point he does construction, pruning and hardscaping but I do flowers and maintanace of all the flowery bits. We usually jointly decided on trees and shrubs (what to buy and where to put it). We both have art backgrounds and think of the garden as a giant art project . . .

Loree / danger garden

This post was well timed for me as I just did a book purge last weekend. I have so many "yet to be read" books and I realized if I was going to make a dent in that selection I needed to clear up some room on the permanent collection shelves. Thank you for the mention of The Jewel Garden, I will look for that one.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

This is the funniest thing I've read today: "If I had been married to Margery Fish's husband, divorce would have been the first step in making a garden."

Thank you for that laugh. Thanks too, for the head's up. I'll make it a point to pick up Roy's book.

I second "The Jewel Garden" but also very much enjoyed Monty Don's "Gardening at Longmeadow" as a general reference work.

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