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Thursday, February 11, 2016


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Moss and ferns ... two of my garden favorites! Can't wait to see your new machiai.

Lisa at Greenbow

Oh my. You are so scientific about how to make a new bed. My DB would be jealous if I showed him your approach to making a new bed. I am more of a slap dash gardener. Of course my garden looks like it too. That is the way of it here. I always think I would like to do it this way but it doesn't happen. I will be anxious to watch how it all evolves. It sounds beautiful.

Linda from Each Little World

​Lisa — Since this is almost like starting from scratch I think I am being a little more "scientific" than usual. I typically have a loose plan in my head but then I spent the next few years adding plants and ripping others out, so I hope this turns out to be a smarter solution!


I have Roy's book and used it to come up with a scheme for a mini-meadow in my back garden. It was quite useful and kept me from making it too complex, at least in the beginning. It was fairly successful even in the first year. I'm not sure I would have thought to use it for a shady area, but I'm glad to be reminded it covers those conditions too.

Beth @ PlantPostings

You have vision, Linda! I have quite a few native Wood Geraniums (G. maculatum) here, if you would like to have some starts in the spring. Also, way too many Ostrich Ferns (Matteuccia_struthiopteris).Let me know, and I'll save some for you. :)

Linda from Each Little World

Sarah — ​I almost did not go to the end of Roy's planting schemes so I am certainly glad I did. Interesting to hear someone else's experience. I've been to his nursery a few times and will be hearing him speak in April. I wish there was someone with your experience near me who also does maintenance. I think this is an issue for lots of gardeners. We finally create the garden we've been working toward and then can't always keep up with it but there's no one to help you with any expertise — other than fellow gardeners!

Linda from Each Little World

Thanks, Beth but I have both of those already. Mostly I am always trying to get rid of the fern which comes through the fence from my neighbor.

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