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Monday, February 15, 2016


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I love the notion of basing the post on the vase rather than any contents - as always, thanks for setting an example and thinking out of the box. I am rather taken with your 'cake' vase - something I would snap up if I saw one for sale!

Donna@Gardens Eye View

You have some unique vases that do stand alone very cold here too!

Linda from Each Little World

Cathy In these difficult economic times for so many people, it is a bit of a radical sentiment to use on a vase. Especially since we all know where the phrase came from and what happened to the woman who said it. Though, of course, she did not actually say this. But the meaning was the same.

Linda from Each Little World

Donna — It's supposed to start warming up today and they say hitting 50 by the end of the week. I will believe it when it happens. But, of course, I still want snow cover on the garden!

Lisa at Greenbow

Your vase is fun! I too have bought vases that are just fun to look at.

Loree / danger garden

I loved that red chrysanthemum vase when I saw it at Anthropologie - how fabulous that you've got one.


Such a cute display, a vase worth having! Also love the red wall - I've painted one red as well in our living room and think it looks great.


I like the unfilled vases! The red room is lovely. My kitchen is a similar color.


I loved this! I think the vases are almost as interesting as the flowers - especially on a freezing February day.

Kris P

Two wonderful vignettes, Linda! That chrysanthemum vase has spunk! I love the way you combined the blues too.

Linda from Each Little World

​Sarah — Thanks. Somehow I feel like it's more of an appropriate challenge to find a way to make a floral statement without buying flowers. Only another month (I hope) before snowdrops appear.

Linda from Each Little World

Kris — Spunk is the perfect description!


The empty vases and the lovely warm glowing light...very appropriate for lent perhaps..


Your vases are wonderful all by themselves! Who needs flowers?


Beautiful interesting vases don't need flowers although a little bit of life is always nice too.

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