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Monday, March 14, 2016


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I've not seen a Buddha like this. I can see why you like being greeted by it in the morning.

Lisa at Greenbow

Sweet vases and their occupants are divine. You are lucky to have something of your Mother's that is so handy and holds such fond memories. Happy Monday.


Treasures large and small. Wonderful you have the special memory of using the vases for violets for your mother.


Beautiful Snowdrops and I love the Buddha, does he give you confidence?


What a charming post, the snowdrops are for purity, the vases for beauty and remembrance, and your statue for peace and serenity...thank you for sharing.

Linda from Each Little World

Noelle — Thanks you for your beautiful observation on my arrangement. It adds a whole other layer of enjoyment.

Linda from Each Little World

Amelia — ​I'm not sure he gives me confidence but certainly much pleasure!

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa and Susie — Those vases are among my most treasured possessions for the memories but it is so nice to be able to bring them out and use them.


Confidence that winter will soon be over! Love the combination of your special vases and handsome Buddha. It's dramatic and beautiful!

Linda from Each Little World

Peter — ​Peter — I may have actually been writing the word "dramatic" on your post when up popped an email notice that you'd commented on my post, having also used the same word. Great minds thinking alike and up early on the computer.

Kris P

The beautiful vases and their contents at his feet add to the Buddha's majesty.


Love the Buddha - and your little vases are spot on for the snowdrops. An absolutely delightful pairing today - thanks Linda!

Donna@Gardens Eye View

I love those Chinese cloisonné vases and they are perfect for the snowdrops!

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