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Monday, April 04, 2016


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How about blue color family? Having a range of blues is interesting. Lovely flowers.

Lisa at Greenbow

I am swooning and drooling. ha... The blues simply are gorgeous and cookies and tea are a great treat.


Iris Harmony is true blue for me but most crocus are lilac to purple. It is a nice habit to have coffee and a treat in the afternoon; I don't usually do it when I'm alone but if my husband is home we sometimes do. Your pretty arrangements works well with all your props.


I have some white Chinodoxa coming through so I can get the scale of your little vases - so sweet. And I know what you mean by the blueness, a strange phenomenon!

Donna@Gardens Eye View

Love the blue and white theme...I had many of these flowers and more when the snow hit and more all are buried with no melt in sight for a couple of days...hope they fare as well.

Linda from Each Little World

Susie — ​It's a bigger family than I realized!

Linda from Each Little World

Donna — Our snow on Saturday was light but tonight's low is predicted to be in the 20s; the fourth night in a row with those really low temps. March and April can sure drive a gardener crazy!

Loree / danger garden

Wonderful little flowers and I love your 3:00 tradition!

Kris P

I have similar issues with lavender colors in the garden - in one setting, the blue undertones seem dominant but in another (like a vase) the pink element appears stronger. In any case, your arrangement is still delightful and I admire your 3pm tradition!


Cobalt and white is my favorite color combination, especially in china! blue/violet - it works together and is lovely! What a nice thing to have coffee with your husband every day at three.

Linda from Each Little World

Peter — Don't know how we started doing the coffee thing but it is ritual now if we are both home. Especially nice in the summer when we can sit in the garden or the teahouse.

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