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Thursday, May 19, 2016


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It's lovely! We had yesterday free, and my uncle suggested we go to Olbrich. It was a great idea, and they had some lovely tree peonies blooming...along with plenty of other beauties.


Your hand in the photograph really put that flower in perspective. What an enormous beauty. It reminds me very much of the prickly poppy flower.

Linda from Each Little World

Kristin —​Olbrich always seems to look good but it must have been gorgeous at this time of year. I was there a few weeks ago when the Crabapples trees were blooming.

Linda from Each Little World

Jenny — It is somewhat like that flower.

Loree / danger garden

Weather that helps our treasured blooms last is certainly a bonus! That one's a beauty.

Lisa at Greenbow

That thing is HUGE and quite beautiful. Worth watching.

Beth @ PlantPostings

Oh yes, that's a beauty! I've noticed many blooms are lasting a good long time this spring. I'm so glad we didn't have any damage from the freeze/frost. I feel so bad about Wollersheim Winery losing so much of its grape crop.

Linda from Each Little World

Beth — ​I know what you mean. Even if we lose plants it is not our livelihood that is harmed. I am always so concerned for farmers etc. when we have these temperature swings.

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