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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


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It looks beautiful, and it's fun to see the changes. My mother doesn't understand how I can buy plants every year and get plants from friends. She thinks my garden has got to be filled, but we mulched this weekend, and I found plenty of spots that need plants!

Beth @ PlantPostings

It's looking great, Linda! I finally got all the annuals and veggies planted (I don't have many of the latter because of shade). Still a few more perennial plantings in the works and some rearranging. Your river of Irises is fabulous, and I love the view looking out toward the tea house! We've had pretty good weather for new plants lately, with plenty of rain.

Linda from Each Little World

Beth — ​The rain here has been spotty. One day a tenth of an inch, then 2/10s and then a half an inch. But I am guessing with today's rain we should be getting close to a couple of inches in the last week. I have been moving and diving things so I am very happy for any rain, esp. with those temps in the 80s.

Linda from Each Little World

Kristin — I'm amazed at how full my garden is suddenly getting, but I can't imagine not finding room for something that catches my eye.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your garden has really filled in since last month. Those maidenhair ferns. I am green with envy. They look great.


Gorgeous! I love all the contrasts of leaf shape and form. So green and peaceful. You've beautifully illustrated the important role that foliage plays in our gardens. flowers will just be frosting on the cake. Love this area!

Linda from Each Little World

Peter — I love all the first flowers of Spring but then I am ready to relax and look at mostly foliage. My most floriferous area in the garden is in a back corner which I can't see from the house or sitting on the deck. I go to it when I need a hit of something other than green!

Linda from Each Little World

Lisa — Re: my maidenhair ferns. I can't believe what luck I have had with them. I bought one plant and got a good clump from a neighbor, and I don't know anymore which one is more prolific — or if they are essentially the same.

Loree / danger garden

It's the Maidenhair ferns that I couldn't take my eyes off of! Mine (inherited with the garden) is up against the garage wall so I don't see it like you're growing them - out in the open where the overall shape of the plant can shine. Lovely!

Linda from Each Little World

Loree — I am so happy with the way they look that I think I am going to do the same thing across the garden in the area we are trying to make lower maintenance. Big swaths of 2 or 3 ferns and Geranium phaeums.

rusty duck

The maidenhair ferns do look so good. In fact this whole area looks fantastic. You've done a great job with it Linda.

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