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Monday, May 16, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

All of this foliage is yummy. I love all the hues in the garden. You have them blended good.

Loree / danger garden

Wow, do appreciate your foliage. Beautiful images, everyone. So is the veining on Syneilesis palmata 'Kikko' more prominent at a certain point in it's life (eg. early spring, fall, etc)?

Linda from Each Little World

Loree — ​I just moved Kikko last year into more sun to see if I would get more prominent veining. The picture on Plant Delights was pretty splashy but mine have been fairly subtle. I would think it is at its best at the moment since that kind of patterning tends to fade over the summer. I had it hidden in a dark corner where it did not do much so I am hoping for the patterning to increase as it ages and gets more light.

rusty duck

I love the Maidenhair fern. It looks too delicate for the rigours of the garden!


Delicious foliage at a perfect moment in time! So green, so pristine. Sigh.

Linda from Each Little World

Jessica — That's what I love about Maidenhair ferns: they are so much tougher than they look. I am fortunate that they seem to do well in my garden.


For a brief second, I envied your climate and the ability to grow a Picea with such beauty, but only briefly.

Linda from Each Little World

Les — ​I have to say that the evergreens with their new growth and new cones always are stunning. But most of the time I look at them is in the winter, so you are right to not be jealous!

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