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Monday, May 30, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

Ooooo these colors make a gorgeous vase full. Happy Monday.

Loree / danger garden

Love it! The colors, the shapes and textures. Well done!


This is one of my favorite color combinations in the garden, I wear it as well.

Kris P

Chartreuse is one of my favorite colors in the garden. Your vase has lovely lines and the flowers and foliage you selected to complement it are perfect. I SO wish I could grow Hosta and Spirea!


Beautifully done! What a great color combination. Chartreuse is such a happy color and you've used it very well!


That is stunning - the vase itself is gorgeous, but the contents complement it perfectly. Well done you - and thanks for sharing

Linda from Each Little World

Peter — T​his may be the only time I've needed chartreuse in an arrangement and did not use Lady's Mantle.​

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