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Monday, May 16, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

Don't you just love this time of year despite the ups and downs of weather. Your vases are scrumptious. I bet your room with the lilacs is scentsational.


Lovely, lovely Lilacs!
Thanks for your visit to my blog
Have a great week!


I love these! I bought a huge bag of what was supposed to be f. meleagris, but got what I now, thanks to you, think might be f. pontica. Yours does look larger than mine, however. I am on my way to Madison today with my mother, to meet her brothers and celebrate what would have been their father's 100th birthday, and visit some old haunts. I am glad that I will see blooming flowers.


Nope, scratch that. It appears that it is actually a michailovskyi! I like pontica better!

Linda from Each Little World

Kristin — I have that one too and i like Pontica better partly because it is bigger so you can actually see it!

Donna@Gardens Eye View

I too love to make lots of vases once the blooms are in full gear....these are wonderful and I love the contrast in the last vase with muscari!


love the vases and all the thoughtful props


Oh I love all your little vases - I often have little ones with offcuts but what's stopping me picking more specially. Will definitely be doing that for the sweet peas though!

Loree / danger garden

Perfect! This is how I've always thought a gardener should enjoy his/her riches indoors. I see we have the same taste in gloves. I'm always a little miffed when they're out of my size in green and I have to go with yellow instead.


A lovely set of vases. I like the rose and chartreuse tones especially.


I like your exuberance of vases, it's certainly a good time of year for that. I like the smooth texture of the 'pontica' flowers and hand-painted look, they are great with the colors of H. 'caramel. Hellebores are always so good for cutting, and I like the Muscari with the 'Aureum' foliage in the little vase too, such a lovely blue color, Linda.

Kris P

May IS a crazy month! All your vases are wonderful but my favorite is the one at the top of your post - the foliage of the Heuchera and the flowers are perfect together.


So much to enjoy, especially the lilacs!

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