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Friday, May 13, 2016


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Lisa at Greenbow

The witchhazels do look fab. No wonder you were excited.

Loree / danger garden

I've read fabulous things about Rare Find Nursery, good to know their shipping practices are equally good.

Erin @ The Impatient Gardener

Nice plants there! I bought my 'Venus' dogwood from Rare Find a few years ago (before anyone here had heard of them) and they went above and beyond to find one for me of a size they would normally not ship. It was an excellent experience.

In the past week I've had three nursery deliveries! I'm going to have to hurry up on the reviews.

Beth @ PlantPostings

I've never ordered from them. I'll have to check out their website. Those Witch Hazels look very healthy.


Very cool. I'd love to see a picture tour of the garden. Showcasing certain areas in a broader sense. I'd also love to see progress on the weeping willow. Regardless, I love seeing your garden. Thank u for sharing it.

Linda from Each Little World

I have to say I was totally impressed with Rare Find Nursery. I got the smaller Witch Hazel planted within a week of it arriving and the second one perhaps a week later. Cold weather, rain and a sick gardener put me a bit behind on planting. But both have settled in beautifully at this point.


I've not ordered from either of these nurseries. Web shopping for plants is dangerous for me as it's so easy to put extra things in the cart.

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